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Death Doula and End of Life Educator

I grew up in Northern Ireland during the heyday of "The Troubles."  Since 2004 I have lived and worked on the stolen ancestral land of the Seminole and Timucua Native Americans in a small town called Palm Coast, Florida.

I am a student of life and a student of loss.  I hold sacred space to companion the dying on their journey.  I uphold the dignity of all.

Professionally I have been traveling on a path for many years that has helped prepare me for this work.  I graduated university in 1998 with honors, majoring in Theology with minors in Philosophy, Psychology and Politics.  I have worked in the corporate world in London, the church world in Ireland  before moving to the United States and eventually  training as a yoga teacher and owning a yoga studio.


The Sacred Rest has been borne through a long journey and I am honored to be of service to companion the dying and assist families during their bereavement.  I received my training through the Peaceful Presence Project and am a member of the National End of Life Doula Alliance (NEDA).

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