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Prices are a guideline.  Please know that I do offer this work on a donation basis and sliding scale. It is my greatest honor to be of service whatever your financial circumstance.


The last hours and days can provide moments of heartfelt connection, but can also be exhausting and heartbreaking for those in attendance.  During Bedside Vigil, I help to create a peaceful and sacred space for the last moments of life.  These services may include curating a space that is comforting and peaceful through aromatherapy, music, and creating an altar of photos and special items.

I can provide non-medical support for an individual during their final hours.  This can include a sitting vigil with an individual preparing to cross the threshold, or to comfort and care for family members during this time.  I offer respite for family members so that they can take care of any errands and appointments they have whilst I step in as a bedside companion.  It is important to take care of your own needs and I can read, pray, meditate and sit with your loved one.

$60 per hour.  Minimum 2 hours, Maximum 5 hours.  


Whether you have a plan and know what you would like for your funeral ceremony such as readings and poems or you are overwhelmed as to what this entails, I am available to help you and your loved ones create a plan and support you during each step of the way.  It is important that you are wishes are heard.  I can help gather stories and moments from family and loved ones to help craft a eulogy or writing that can be shared in honor of your loved one.

$40 per hour


Paperwork and planning can be overwhelming.  I am available to help you navigate the world of Advanced Directives, These are legal forms to help you share with your family and loved ones as well as your medical team, what your wishes are at the end of your life.  I will listen to you as you help clarify these wishes.  This can be helpful if you find yourself unable to make decisions for yourself during your last days.  

$65 per hour



My death work is hard to box into a few paragraphs and services.  I am also available for spiritual guidance, gentle touch massage, Yoga Nidra and more.  These will generally be a part of the sitting and vigil work that I offer, and customized for each individual and family's wishes.

I am also available to offer my searches in a wider, community based effort to help educate and open up discussions on death and grief.

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